St Mary in Fordwich is sadly redundant, but is now owned by the Churches Conservation Trust and kept open in the day for visitors. The building is nestled between large trees that mostly obscure its full profile, however they give the churchyard a peaceful and scenic feel when walking around. The River Stour flows straight past the churchyard, and the banks of the river display very little separation from the churchyard itself - dare I say a much needed enhancement of the site would be placing fences along the river bank for the safety of those visiting. The nave pews are arranged in boxes, fairly unusual for the area, and a wall painting hangs above the nave.

A relative of mine is buried in the churchyard, in a small semi-secluded area near the river. The town itself is touted as the smallest town in Britain, with a population of less than half a thousand - its status as a market town is due to its original use as the main port of Canterbury, providing trade through the River Stour before the Wantsum channel was eventually silted up entirely by the 16th century. The church of St Nicholas in the nearby village of Sturry (which I must add has a population of over 6000) stands only 570 metres from St Mary, although sadly neither can be seen from the other’s location.